Circular personal care for daily use • unwaste.

Personal care made with circular ingrediënts.

When you drink coffee and fresh orange juice, you inevitably produce coffee grounds and orange peels. This is a great functional raw material to be used in personal care! So from daily residuals to daily impact.

Our Partners.

ClearCircle is een gewaardeerde partner in het aanbieden van totaal propositie rondom handen wassen en handhygiëne voor bedrijven en horeca.

Peel Pioneers is a valued partner in offering total proposition around hand washing and hand hygiene for businesses and hospitality industry.

Renewi Ensures that orange peels are neatly collected.


Seenons is building an ecosystem with Unwaste to collect orange peels and coffee grounds in the inner city as well.

Verspilling is Verrukkelijk is a distributor of our (and many other) wonderful products.

Stichting DOEN supports our mission: a world without waste.


Thanks to MIT trajectory, the feasibility of processing coffee grounds as a raw material for our personal care products has been tested.